Retro Arcade Cabinet Using A Raspberry Pi & #RetroPie

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I’ve wanted one of these raspberry pi/retro pi arcade systems for a while but wanted to make a special box to put it in that looked like an antique table top TV/radio. I feel the outcome of this project is exactly that. The case is built out of 1/2″ and 1/4″ plywood, and the veneer species is mahogany that I applied using heatlock veneer glue. For the tight corners, I sprayed some supersoft veneer softener to soften the veneer up.

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Products Used In This Project (Amazon affiliate links help support my builds!)

Gold paint:
Surge protector:
USB game controller:
Micro SD card:
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B:
Raspberry Pi 3 case:
Raspberry Pi 3 heatsinks:
10 inch LCD monitor:

Veneer Supplies:
Heatlock veneer glue:…

Super-soft veneer softener:…

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Women Before and After Marriage #MGTOW


A showcase of just how fat and unattractive women get once they hit the wall. This happens to every single woman. I lot of them gain a lot of fat, but some don’t. Even the ones that don’t gain a lot of fat still become unattractive, but then again they will still expect to be treated like a beautiful princess, just like when they still had their looks. Every man that want’s to get married needs to see this video, because that is what he is in for .

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