Dr Jordan B Peterson Chats with Some Black Guy

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Naughty Nomad on Colombia

I share my thoughts on about my first trip to Colombia, covering the girls, the game, and the nightlife.

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What would women do If Men went on Strike: A DAY WITHOUT MEN!

Everybody is talking about this women’s march that took place yesterday Wednesday on March 8, 2017 across the world. However, what would happen if MEN went on strike like the women did? Men hardly felt the effect of women being on strike for a day. However, men drive trucks, work on cars, repair electrical wiring issues, construct buildings and so on. How would the economy and the world REACT if men went on strike for a day? That would leave 90 percent of the military without fighting duty soldiers. Men must fight back and have rights. Without men participating in their own rights, women will not respect them. Men must show their worth and prove to the world that without MEN, nothing of great importance would be done on a day to day basis. Men need to go on strike and fight for their rights.

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Roosh V – Men who cold approach women should be proud of themselves

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Why I’ve Been Minimising “Things” in My Life

I remember a time when big fancy houses really did something for me. I chased after things. Material items.

What I learned was that all this stuff, never really made me happy, in fact I found it a drain on my energy thats when I realised that I would take experiences with amazing people over things every day of the week.