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What do YOU need to be an Accurate #binaryoptions #trader?

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Women Joining Isis – MGTOW

Today’s video is brought to you by a donation from Sheldon. He didn’t have a specific topic so I thought I’d cover something that many of you have been sending me questions about. And that topic is the Women of Isis and more specifically why western women are joining a bunch of Muslim fighters in Syria and Iraq.  Last fall I started seeing articles popping up showing women from the UK travelling to Turkey and then entering Syria to join Isis. At first the stories spoke about Muslim women that had become radicalized and were going off to fight for Isis. But then we saw more and more reports of middle class American women joining or planning to join. One nineteen year old woman named Shannon, from Colorado got for years in prison for simply wanting to join Isis. Other women of traditional European descent are also joining Isis. But the real question on everyone’s mind is why? In ancient Egypt the god Isis was worshiped as the Ideal mother and now we have Western mothers joining a group that promises to give them militant husbands that will make them mothers. We often hear about how women like bad boys but this is now being taken to whole new heights. Western women moving there to have families with bad boys with AK-47s. Young women are being recruited today as well as young men because there is no real belief system in western countries. And young people are desperate to find meaning and purpose in their lives. Women like these prove to me that women are willing to give up rights fought for by women over the last hundred and fifty years so they can become war brides to violent men they’ve never met before. That on it’s own shows the failure of the feminist ideology around us. The real war for western civilization is now between Feminist Ideology in the west and Islamic Ideology in the east. And in stable Muslim countries feminism is winning as the birth rates fall and Facebook makes Middle Eastern women just as narcissistic as western women. But in unstable Muslim states, with no running water and electricity Islam is winning. So I believe that the followers of Islam are attempting to destabilize the entire region so that feminism can’t gain a foothold in the areas they are fighting for. That’s one of the side effects of their rebellion. But what happens if Isis creates a stable state in the smoldering ruins of Iraq and Syria then I believe that feminism will once again seep into their countries. I think these western women moving there and marrying the Isis fighters are in one sense aiding feminism and are doing it covertly by pretending to be passive war brides. Be men going their own way understand that gynocentrism never sleeps. It hides but it’s ever present in the background. If any peace and normality is established by Isis how long do you think it will be before the feminist upbringing of these western war brides rises up and starts to corrupt the faithful Muslim men they married? The United States, Canada, Australia and European countries are trying to prevent Western women from joining Isis.

Feminism Has Created A Generation Of Emotionally Unstable People

Feminism Has Created A Generation Of Emotionally Unstable People
MGTOW understand the true nature of feminism, and for this reason, MGTOW are men going their own way. #MGTOW

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They Will Try To Redefine MGTOW

They Will Try To Redefine MGTOW
MGTOW understand the true nature of feminism, and for this reason, MGTOW are men going their own way. #MGTOW

WGTOW can’t find a man & my work trip to Amsterdam

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