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This video is brought to you by a donation from Mr. Anonymous and here’s what he has to say: “Sandman, I know that there’s little chance of you taking me up on this offer. Nonetheless, here we go… I’m an over 50 divorced mgtow-even after the Family court destroying my life. I own my own house and live alone by choice. During your travels, I’m offering you a place to stay completely incognito and without any obligations, except maybe a Starbucks. I live in California about 15 miles from lala land. Just one mgtow dude going his own way offering a place for a fellow mgtow dude going his own way-a place to stay. This is not a “got’cha” or insincere. Just another thankful listener. (no fatcat here) If you have any interest- we can work out the detail…” Well Mr. Anonymous thanks for the donation and offer but I’m sure you understand why I can’t take it. I also hand another offer from someone named Ryan in Charleston, South Carolina offered me a place to stay as well. He even says that his last girlfriend was from Canada and that he got to experience just how awful these Canadian city bitches are. Thank you too Ryan but you must also understand why I can’t take you up on the offer. If I was an ordinary video blogger and didn’t have feminists and crazy women trying to destroy me I would take both of you guys up on the offer. When I first started my channel I was making a list of people and their
contact info because they offered to let me stay all over the world but once my channel get over five thousand to ten thousand subscribers I knew I was wasting my time because I didn’t know who I’d be meeting and where. What if I were jumped by a bunch of manginas. So with that out of the way I’d like to talk about the importance of F U Money. That’s essentially the money you have that allows you to say or do whatever you want in your public life and not have to worry about losing your job or your ability to keep your lifestyle. Many people including myself were on their way to having enough F U money to say whatever we wanted until the YouTube fiasco. I pretty much used the money I earn as a videographer and photographer to pay most of my monthly expenses while trying to bank as much of the YouTube money as possible. Of course now that’s changed and at this point it could be another ten to twenty years before I have enough to say or do whatever I want and show my face if I want without repercussion.


#Japan’s Declining Population – Mathematical #MGTOW Analysis

Japanese men - MGTOW

Let’s analyze census data, survey data, and make a few hypotheses on why Japan seems to be losing population. Warning, the results of the math are not very pretty, so to all my Japanese brothers and sisters, I hope you’re getting as worried about your country’s predicament as I am. If not, start doing research and looking at the facts. Maybe you can vote or lobby your government to make some changes.

Washington Post report on Japan’s population:

The Guardian’s report:

Associated Press report on this:

Japan Times reports on levels of sexual activity:

Japan Times report on Sexual Harassment:

More reports since I made this vlog:

30-40% of Japanese single adults are virgins: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/…

Also, many people have commented, saying that losing population is good for Japan and the world. It is absolutely true that technological innovation and Moore’s Law makes many jobs more and more automated. However, Japan’s GDP is mostly based on a service-based economy (like any first-world country): http://bit.ly/1UZlIm3; Service-based sectors cannot replace workers with machines as effectively because they exist because of the need for a human to do the job. Do you want your retirement portfolio managed by a robot? Do you want your insurance claims handled by a machine? When your computer isn’t working, do you want to call up another computer to fix it? To see which sectors are most at risk under our technological innovation age, check out this report: http://bit.ly/21VXp7l; most of the sectors at risk for job loss (to automation) are the manufacturing sectors, which only take up 20% of Japan’s GDP. Hope this helps!

Here’s another factor to think about that could contribute to this declining population: http://bit.ly/1RTavkD
It costs a lot of money to raise a kid in Japan, so couples are probably deterred because of that factor too.

I found this interesting comparison about the cost of living: https://www.expatistan.com/cost-of-li…

Viewer Angelo linked a great NPR graphic on how likely it is for a job to be replaced by automation. Check this out: http://www.npr.org/sections/money/201…

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