Naughty Nomad – The Men’s Guide to Moscow, Russia

Naughty Nomad - The Men’s Guide to Moscow, Russia
The Men’s Guide to Moscow, Russia
The Men’s Guide to Moscow, Russia

What’s your first association when you think about Moscow?


The Red Square?

Russian collusion?

Wrong, wrong and wrong. What you should be thinking about are long-legged, small-waisted, high-heeled blondes and brunettes, who are ready to party and have a good time. Maybe you saw some of the madness that transpired during the World Cup in 2018. I can assure you, it was even crazier than what you might have seen or heard in the media. The good news is that coming in 2019 is actually much better because you won’t have hordes of drunk football fans spoiling the nightlife. But before we get to that, there are a couple of things you need to know about Moscow. Read article via Naughty Nomad

How To Make Her Willingly Submit Through Training, Rewards, And Punishment

Those who regularly consume manosphere related content know that we consistently preach physical fitness, financial shrewdness, masculinity, and so forth. I’ve also stated that having access to higher quality girls is a side effect of living the Red Pill lifestyle….especially if you don’t make women your top priority which you absolutely won’t be doing if you’re truly living the Red Pill life.

While it’s great to fuck a bunch of hot sluts and have a few of them in your rotation, most veteran players would tell you that no matter how many females they’re fucking at any given time, they’d all like to have that one woman who is his and only his. A woman who takes care of him, a woman who, presumably, isn’t fucking anybody else, a woman who is committed to him and only him. I’m talkin’ about a main chick….a girlfriend…long term partner.

Having a woman like elevates a man’s life in ways that most of us are unwilling to admit. Sure we can all talk shit about how bitches ain’t shit or how we don’t need them and for the most part these assertions are accurate.

But let’s not kid ourselves guys. We all know that having that one female that we can count on elevates our lives. Yes, fucking sluts is great…nobody’s disputing that. But it would be disingenuous for any man to say he has no need for a dependable woman in his life. We all want a reliable, loyal significant other and saying otherwise would be lying to ourselves and everyone else.

So now the question becomes how do we find a woman girlfriend worthy? The answer is that We don’t. Those women are few and far between and just about all of them are either off the market or about to be.

The hard truth is that quality women these days are nowhere to be found and because of this, it’s on us to build and mold them into what we want and need as men. And don’t get it twisted guys, this is not easy to do. And the reason it’s not easy is because feminism has indoctrinated women so thoroughly that most of them WILL check out once you start the level of training I’m going to talk about.

What’s that mean? It means that you will fail with most if not every single woman you attempt to train in this way.

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