#NaughtyNomad – 3 Common Shit Tests from Eastern European Girls & How to Respond

The following is a guest post from Kings of Russia.

Eastern European girls are famous for testing a man’s intentions and resolve, otherwise known as “shit tests”. Women in general shit test man to determine if the man is strong enough for them. From the dawn of time, women have had to develop their discrimination powers to select the strongest man of the tribe. Strength comes in many forms not just physical. Strength is manifested in determination, resolve, and fortitude. Read more

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Montréal Grand Prix: The Nightlife, Women & City Sights (A Brief Intro)

I visit Montréal on Grand Prix weekend. I explore the action and go on a pub crawl : http://naughtynomad.com/2017/08/01/mens-guide-to-montreal-canada-with-video/

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Naughty Nomad on Colombia

I share my thoughts on about my first trip to Colombia, covering the girls, the game, and the nightlife.

For more info on hooking up with Colombian girls I recommend Bang Colombia. http://goo.gl/3d3Yo6

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