Know Your SEXUAL MARKET VALUE [Study Reveals Women’s Mating Schedule]

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Why Players Are Moving Towards Sugar Daddy Sites

Men who have game, looks, and fitness can kill it on sugar daddy sites using traditional seduction methods. They are able to flip the scripts on traditional dating sites by seducing women on sugar daddy sites. They accomplish this by offering women an alternative to the majority of men on sugar dating sites whose only option is to offer a transactional relationship. Players are able to utilize Game and their lifestyle to seduce sugar babies who are all too eager to meet a high-value man.

Like anything, there are pros and cons for players embarking on sugar dating. Each player needs to determine if it is right for him. It is not recommended that any man completely abandon traditional Game. However, Sugar Dating can be a great compliment to running Game in a niche where women seek out men and the ratios will be in your favor.

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