Incredible Dishonest Cutting & Editing of Jordan Petersons Vice interview

Not only did they cut out very important parts of Petersons responses and arguments, they also cut together sentences that are literally several minutes apart and did in no way follow the previous sentence , thus making it look like Peterson strung together sentences that in reality were filled with context and careful back and forth exchange. This is super shady. You just don’t cut sentences together without making it clear that there was a cut made. This is no mistake, they were carefully cut together to appear seamlessly and uncut. here is the “complete” short edited version…

Jordan Peterson Responds to VICE News, CBC & Mainstream Media at UBC

Baxylz filmed this video and gives full permission for you to re-upload this video and upload it anywhere. Give the UBC Free Speech Club Fanpage a Like in return:… The Club does some great work in Vancouver, Canada promoting free speech and open discussion like this. Baxylz is helping them out by Livestreaming events for them. You can watch the full 2 Hour video on Dropbox here (pardon the poor quality):