Jerry Liu – Eighteen Stories To Make You #MGTOW – 18 Life Lessons

Yes, I have 18 stories this time. I thought I was out of stories, but I have more and more every time I sit down and think and recall. My goal with all these stories is to learn something from them. There are lots of relationships and nonrelationship lessons from all these stories. As always, please leave a comment and subscribe!

Story 1 (0:17) Russian Girl Story

Story 2 (4:18) She doesn’t remember all the emotion connection

Story 3 (9:43) She doesn’t even care/listen

Story 4 (13:41) Weird guy who never self-reflected

Story 5 (19:00) The love for bad boys starts early

Story 6 (22:36) Mean lady at work

Story 7 (25:54) Restaurant Greeter

Story 8 (30:45) Friend’s gf won’t let him have fun

Story 9 (32:16) Crazy yoga

Story 10 (36:11) Crazy artist girl

Story 11 (39:12) Entitled college girl

Story 12 (42:05) Girl goes out with rich guy just for the sake of it

Story 13 (44:16) A crazy dairy

Story 14 (49:25) Person who embellished her story

Story 15 (51:36) No matter how promiscuous, this will happen in your mind

Story 16 (56:08) Social psychology class girl

Story 17 (59:30) Girls like to be checked out? Story 17.2 (1:02:52) Brie Larson’s tweet

Story 18 (1:06:02) how a feminist reacted to her friend being a sugar baby If you want to check out the camera I use to film: Here’s the wireless mic I use: Shoutout to Patreon sponsors, whether past or present.

Let’s Read And Examine James Damore’s Diversity Memo (Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber)

James Damore, Google engineer, caused a lot of controversy and later got fired from Google for daring the speak different ideas. His now viral memo “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber: How bias clouds our thinking about diversity and inclusion” highlights what he believes are issues with Google’s culture. He wanted to explain to his coworkers that left-leaning companies put too much emphasize on the morality of diversity and not enough emphasize on other causes of gaps in representation that aren’t related to apparent discrimination. The media’s had a shark fest calling his memo “anti-diversity.” I decided to look at the actual memo and read and think about it with all of you guys. Hope you enjoy this in-depth examination and analysis. Sorry I was late to the party. Thank you guys so much for watching!

Here’s the memo for your perusal:…

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Jerry Liu – Four #Divorce Stories For #MGTOW

MGTOW stories are back!! This time, I tell you some nasty divorce stories. From men who don’t get to see their kids often to men screwed out of their assets. Hope this red pill makes you cautious when considering anything beyond short term relationships. Hope you enjoy! Also, always looking forward to hearing your stories!! Looking forward to your comments.

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#Japan’s Declining Population – Mathematical #MGTOW Analysis

Japanese men - MGTOW

Let’s analyze census data, survey data, and make a few hypotheses on why Japan seems to be losing population. Warning, the results of the math are not very pretty, so to all my Japanese brothers and sisters, I hope you’re getting as worried about your country’s predicament as I am. If not, start doing research and looking at the facts. Maybe you can vote or lobby your government to make some changes.

Washington Post report on Japan’s population:

The Guardian’s report:

Associated Press report on this:

Japan Times reports on levels of sexual activity:

Japan Times report on Sexual Harassment:

More reports since I made this vlog:

30-40% of Japanese single adults are virgins:…

Also, many people have commented, saying that losing population is good for Japan and the world. It is absolutely true that technological innovation and Moore’s Law makes many jobs more and more automated. However, Japan’s GDP is mostly based on a service-based economy (like any first-world country):; Service-based sectors cannot replace workers with machines as effectively because they exist because of the need for a human to do the job. Do you want your retirement portfolio managed by a robot? Do you want your insurance claims handled by a machine? When your computer isn’t working, do you want to call up another computer to fix it? To see which sectors are most at risk under our technological innovation age, check out this report:; most of the sectors at risk for job loss (to automation) are the manufacturing sectors, which only take up 20% of Japan’s GDP. Hope this helps!

Here’s another factor to think about that could contribute to this declining population:
It costs a lot of money to raise a kid in Japan, so couples are probably deterred because of that factor too.

I found this interesting comparison about the cost of living:…

Viewer Angelo linked a great NPR graphic on how likely it is for a job to be replaced by automation. Check this out:…

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