Ten Red Flags She Might Be A HOE

People keep asking me what the signs are to determine if a girl is worth your time. Here are some red flags that I’ve learned over the years. As I say in the video- not each one of these red flags should be taken on its own. A combination of a few of the flags is better to help you size up a particular woman. There are more ways to tell, but it’s true that today women try very hard to cover up their past lives and dirty deeds. Men have intuition too though. Use yours. To help you out a little more and give you some indications of behaviors not on the list- pay attention to her attitude, how she carries herself, how attuned to other people around her that she is, how she treats other people, how she dresses, what kind of friends she has, and how she interacts with her parents. Also watch closely how she acts with guys around you.

However as a general rule every guy should be aware that in this day and age if a girl is relatively good looking there’s a really good chance that she’s been around sexually and had lots of boyfriends. There’s always the exception, there’s always a girl who is different and maybe has just had a couple steady boyfriends in her life. She is a lot better catch than some girl who goes out every weekend and parties. You have to use discretion and common sense. A lot of times red flags present themselves and guys ignore them and believe she’s this way or that way based on how she acts. Even though you should pay attention to how she acts, it’s also not the ultimate indicator of how she really is because women will often put on a front to impress the guy. Also women who are manipulators and cheaters will often act how they think the guy they’re manipulating wants them to act at first. So unfortunately sometimes you just can’t tell until it’s too late. But you can still be safe and take certain steps to minimize risk and damage.

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No Dates – Why You Shouldn’t Take Women On Dates #MGTOW

Don’t miss the point of this video. if she DESERVES it take her on a date. But most women expect men to take them on a date the first thing. They expect a man to show off his wealth. I live in a city where men tend to grovel over women and pay for everything, yet the women then turn around and complain about needing equality. Paying for dates is a sign that the woman is more important than the man and that she should be bought off. that is not equality. This is a subtle indication that a woman’s sexuality is attached to her worth, and by paying for dates you’re sending the subconscious idea that you’re buying her.

When we use wealth as a display of personal value we’re subtly saying that our worth as a person is wrapped up in finances. What would happen if you lost your money? You got sick, or lost your job. Could no longer continue on your career path and your finances dried up? Would your women stick with you? Or would she leave you. If you think she would leave you then your worth is not intrinsic, or anything of YOU, rather it’s about what you DO. This means men are just utility. A tool. Displaying wealth has been traditionally considered an “alpha” male trait. That is old fashioned and for some, that might be your thing. But we live in a new age, where women have adapted to take advantage of men with money. They get free drinks, free dinner, and free material gifts. Often they dont’ even have to have sex or kiss a guy at the end of the date. They just say they’re not interested. This has become a cultural norm and guys are being taken advantage of. I am suggesting men stop trying to win women over by trying to impress them with money as a means of manliness, power, and control. Show those triats by how you carry yourself inwardly, in your person, your character, and your personality. Then will we attract the right type of women, and most of the time for the right reasons.

That doesn’t mean you don’t ever go out and have fun. it means that we men need to weed out the cunts that EXPECT us to whine and dine them and impress them with our money.

We live in a culture where everyone is trying to impress women. What kind of subconscious message is that sending them? That they’re more important than men. Hence you have women with completely unrealistic self sense of accomplishment because men are worshiping sex. One way to counter that stigma is to stop treating them so special right off the bat. Let them know you’re just as worthy as they are by not whining and dining them on the first date. Inasmuch as she thinks you need to win her over by impressing her, you need to have such a sense of self esteem that YOU believe she needs to win YOU over. This is a key to more success with women and a way for men to take our balls back out of their purses. When men grovel over women and try anything to impress them, it sends the message that they’re godlike and the most important thing for us, as men. Which is not the case. Men, we need to put ourselves first again. This doesn’t mean to be chauvinistic, but it does mean to know your self worth, have standards not just for how attractive a woman is, but for what kind of person she is on the inside. We need to retrain our women into being normal human beings with proper character and good humanity, and it starts by what we allow and let them get away with. Know when to walk away from a relationship, or a bad first “date.” Do that first, by not taking her on a traditional date. If you like my posts and vlogs consider donating $5 or $10 to my go fund me account as a courtesy and appreciation for what I do. Thank you – gofundme.com/donations-towards-my-vlogs