You are an average women dating an average man. The average man comes packaged with all your pet peeves. And as superior as you think you are to him, he is actually the male version of you. That also explains why in your opinion……all men are the same. No miss. Water seeks its own level, so every guy ….YOU…. get will be the same. And here is where it gets even more real……The day your man becomes the better version of himself, or changes into the guy you think he should be, will be the day he leaves you, for the better version of you, which is the female version of his new and improved self.

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CRANKY #MGTOW – The Psychosis Of Women Part 1: Egocentrism


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To be continued in The Psychosis Of Women Part 2: Narcissism

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CRANKY #MGTOW – The Psychosis Of Women Part 3: Solipsism


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