Tim Torres Cuban Master Shows How to Roll a Cigar Old World style

Tim Torres, the little Cuban master tobacco blender, rolls a fat “birthday” cigar out of 50 year old tobacco using the old world method at Rich’s Cigars right in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale.

Q- What is the paste he’s using?
A- Fruit Pectin

Q- How was is it when you smoked it?
A- It was fantastic

Q- How much did he charge for this cigar?
A- Tim always charge based on the stated age of the tobacco. He claimed this tobacco was 50 years old, so he charged $50. He had tobacco much older/more expensive.

Q- Where is Tim Torres/Rich Cigars now?
A- I haven’t been able to locate him. Disappeared kinda mysteriously. If anyone knows, please leave info in comments.