Are Women Capable of Love? – MGTOW

In this video I discuss why I believe that women in general are not capable of the same type of love that men are. This has to do with evolution. Women that love men have a lower chance of passing on their genes. While men that can love deeply have a higher chance of passing on their genes. Loving women and unloving men have the lowest chance of passing on their genes.

News: Female Blackmail

Using false [struggle snuggle] accusations isn’t about sex, it’s about power. They want to be able to threaten you and force you to comply with their wishes using the proxy-power of the government and Feminist court system.

Eventually, you will be forced to choose: submit, or fight?

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Taking Elon Musk to the Cleaners – MGTOW


Russian spaceflight director thinks Elon Musk is out of his mind…

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This video is brought to you by a donation from Hairless Ape and here’s what he has to say: “Hi Sandman, I dont have a topic this time but I might next time. keep on keepin on, never give up and never surrender bruh.” Well Hairless Ape thanks for your donation and I hope you enjoy this topic. So everyone knows about Elon Musk by now. The Robert Downey Jr. Ironman character is based on him to some extent and he’s building reusable rockets for NASA, has his electric car company and solar city the company that has just started putting solar shingles on houses. Many of you don’t know this but Elon Musk outside of creating Paypal was very close to bankruptcy with his Tesla car company. I’m not trying to belittle his achievements because he’s trying to make existing technology more efficient. Companies are going to launch things into space and people are going to drive cars. If he can make those things more energy efficient then so be it but even with all the government subsidies he gets most people are forgetting that big oil and other car companies get government money or tax breaks. So if NASA wants to give him money that’s their business. What I do want to talk about is his involvement with Johnny Depp’s ex wife Amber Heard. I knew there was something going on between Elon Musk and Amber a few years ago when he was in the process of divorcing his second wife Tululah Riley a second time. They were spotted going in and out of hotel rooms together and that’s when I knew they were having a relationship. They both cheated on their partners no doubt and got together. About a month or two ago Elon posted pictures of the two of them out at a night spot. For a highly intelligent guy he certainly has a very hard time figuring out women and female nature. There was a quote a while back where he said that he was willing to devote a certain set amount of time in his life to a relationship because he was busy doing other things and he had a hard time understanding that women have a desire to monopolise a man’s time instead of only spending the allocated time he planned out to begin with.

The 5 Types of Bad C00chie that Men Deal With

Whats going on brothers? Today we are discussing a great video about the women and their “inner workings” that we deal with once we get them in the bed. Men all over the world are so quickly trying to improve themselves and their chances with women so that they can get the women that they want. However, at the same time, their is no guarantee that a woman will have good hygiene OR be worth it in the bed.

Perfect World For Men – MGTOW

“Hey sandman my names Rashaun i was wondering if you could give your in depth take on how society could become truly a successful from a male prospective there’s a movie called equilibrium starring Christian bale and in that society there were no crimes, thanks.” Well Rashuan thanks for the donation and topic request. The perfect society, or as perfect as we can get we already had up until women stuck their pointy noses and of the ovens and washing machines male industrial might built them well over a century ago. In my humble opinion the perfect society for men is one where every man gets a woman at his own sexual marketplace value and this motivates him to build a family and build a society. As more and more men get taken to the cleaners and forced to support ex-wives and the children they hold for ransom we are quickly moving towards a society that is more ideally suited towards Alpha males and women. When you say a successful society for men I think you’re referring to the eighty to ninety percent of men that have to work hard at finding and keeping a relationship partner and hope and pray she doesn’t leave them. In the past women couldn’t just leave because she didn’t like the smell of her husbands armpit hair. She had to stay unless he did something wrong. The laws and social values forced women to choose a man lower on the totem pole then they would have if they were given the option to ride the carousel and chase the prized alpha male. In the description I’m putting a link to one of the most profound MGTOW videos I’ve seen in a long time called: “Gender Attraction Differential” by Colttaine. This video explains why the majority of women chase and are attracted to the alpha males. They see the top twenty percent of men as average or above. Whereas men see roughly fifty percent of women as average or above. This mismatch in attraction is most certainly the reason why women are less happy in marriages and leave them to chase the prized Alpha husband male. You can’t pair men and women off based on attraction and social standing because a woman that’s a five finds a man that’s a five repulsive. She wants an eight or a nine. The truth of the matter is that the beta males in our society are the ones that do the bulk of the labor while the alpha males do the bulk of the womanizing. So long as a society caters to the desires of the majority of the productive males in that society it will prosper and flourish. If on the other hand a society chooses to cater to the whims of women and alpha males by creating a sexual marketplace buffet for them then this in turn creates a sexual marketplace desert for the beta males and innovation, work, families and social order breaks down. We got a brief glimpse of the perfect society after the second world war in North American and Canada. And the dream of that has been what people have been chasing ever since. For the average hard working man the closest thing to utopia was a his cul-de-sac suburban home in the 1950s where the woman took care of the kids, he worked and he knew she wasn’t going to go anywhere.

The Last Men on Earth – MGTOW

The Last Men on Earth – MGTOW Are MGTOW the last men on earth? Are MGTOW the last sane men on earth? How can a man move forward in life and not sacrifice himself to an uncaring gynocentric world? Join me, Howard Dare as I discuss The Last Men on Earth – MGTOW and other MGTOW related topics.
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