Deep Voice Tip – 2 Drinks That Will RUIN Your Voice (You Might Be Drinking One Right Now)

There are two drinks which will do great harm to your voice, and should be strictly avoided whenever you will be speaking. (Please note the dude on the video thumbnail 🙂 Grab your free The Vocal Power Cheat Sheet: In this video, Social Strategist Barron Cruz identifies dairy, including milk, chocolate, cheese and cottage cheese, and carbonated drinks, such as soda, beer and most energy beverages, as bitter enemies of a strong, deep, consistent voice. Dairy products, almost immediately after consumption, thicken our mucosal lining, which weighs down our vocal chords, increasing the air pressure necessary to achieve the same pitch of our voice. Further, dairy creates an increased need to clear our throats, to remove that extra mucus build up from the vocal area. Carbonated liquids inflate the stomach with air, causing us to burp more often. They also limit the space your lungs have to fill up, causing breaks in your voice, and producing an unnatural and unflattering voice rhythm. To learn more about these two liquid culprits which undercut our having a authoritative and pleasant voice tone, just click the video. *** More from Charisma Matrix: *** The Vocal Power Cheat Sheet: The Mature Men’s Dating Program: Social Invincibility Program: The Charisma Matrix Webpage: Google+: Facebook:

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