Honor Amongst Thieves (The Root of a Blue Pill Society)

With divorce rates rising and single parent households becoming the norm you can’t help but notice the effect that it is having on our young men. Are the methods that mothers are using to raise these young men simply lacking the male element that that are unable to share or is there a greater agenda?

Not All Women Are Like That?

Women hitting the wall says NAWALT, tries to virtue signal and then flirts with Tom. Watch and listen as Tom destroys her arguments and eventually she admits defeat, priceless. Join me, Howard Dare for Women Says NAWALT | Tom DESTROYS Her Argument – MGTOW and other MGTOW related topics.

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Free advice for men on women, dating, relationships, work, sex, MGTOW, Feminism, Feminists and anti-feminism.

Leftists Losing Control of Their Narratives

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Jordan Peterson Gets Grilled by Another Feminist Presenter

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Should Men Just ‘Accept’ Fat Women? Tom Leykis Responds

Should Men Just ‘Accept’ Fat Women | Tom Leykis Responds
Tom talks about the differences between Jenifer Hudson and Beyoncé. Young woman tries to convince Tom that men should just accept fat girls. She tries to shame Tom and men for preferring thin, attractive, healthy women. Please join me, Howard Dare for MGTOW: Should Men Just ‘Accept’ Fat Women | Tom Leykis Responds and other MGTOW related topics.

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Free advice for men on women, dating, relationships, work, sex, MGTOW, Feminism, feminists and anti-feminism.

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Incredible Dishonest Cutting & Editing of Jordan Petersons Vice interview

Not only did they cut out very important parts of Petersons responses and arguments, they also cut together sentences that are literally several minutes apart and did in no way follow the previous sentence , thus making it look like Peterson strung together sentences that in reality were filled with context and careful back and forth exchange. This is super shady. You just don’t cut sentences together without making it clear that there was a cut made. This is no mistake, they were carefully cut together to appear seamlessly and uncut. here is the “complete” short edited version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blTgl…